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Why won't you link to my porn site?


You might wonder why I have restrictions about linking to porn sites, since i do write erotic romances.  The answer is that there is a major difference between porn and erotic fiction.  

1. Online porn is just about graphic photos/videos of people having sex with detailed nudity. This can be offensive to my visitors, who prefer to read about sex but not watch it.

2. porn is sex...period.  Erotic fiction is about emotions and/or love revolving around written (not visual) sex.

3. linking to a porn site can give my site a bad reputation by association.  Even though I write sexy literature, my actual site is still kid friendly. Anything for adults is hidden behind passwords and not for general public viewing.  Any link from my site must also be kid friendly (though I cannot be held responsible if something on another site offends anyone).

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